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TIE and ETAPP - News & Updates

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The most recent developments are outlined below:

• Tie Examinations Ltd was set up in October 2005 to work in partnership with ACELS. Subsequently TIE Examinations became IELT Interactive English Language Tests Ltd. TIE is administered and certified by IELT and recognised by the Department of Justice and Equality as a valid Exit Exam for English Language Courses listed on the ILEP (Interim List of Eligible Programmes).

• You probably are aware that IELTS have realigned their scores to the CEFR and this is good news for ETAPP especially regarding the C1 requirements for entry onto some third level courses: 'Following extensive research IELTS have realigned their scores against the CEFR'. The initial reason for universities demanding / requiring a CEFR equivalent of a C1 in ETAPP lay in the 'mapping' of IELTS scores against the CEFR which equated an IELTS score of 6.5 with a C1. For this reason third level institutions required an ETAPP score of C1 as the equivalent to a 6.5 in IELTS. As these changes have been made by IELTS and do not interfere with the CEFR bands and as ETAPP is directly aligned to the CEFR there would be no issue in changing the IELTS score equivalents which should mean that 3rd Level institutions should be willing to accept the same IELTS scores as heretofore

Click here to view and download the new Table of Equivalences.